Cara Krafchick conducting a wedding

A perfect reflection of you, your style, your story, your dream come true.

Your wedding ceremony should be perfect!

Let me create it for you...

I will bring to your special day a sense of the Spiritual that is alive with real meaning and a spark of magic. 

Creating a wedding ceremony is an art defined by it’s uniqueness, it’s candor, and in the language of love.  It’s what I do.

Let’s talk - e-mail or call (201) 818-3034

“A portion of your soul has

      been joined with mine...

          as together we stand”

Cara Krafchick is an ordained minister who specializes in performing unique, customized wedding ceremonies.  Cara’s warm and personal manner creates a positive environment that will allow the free flowing of ideas and possibilities.

From that first phone call to those last words “you may kiss the bride”, you will feel like you are being married by a friend. 

Her artistic abilities and elegant sense of style combined with her down to earth personality, gives her the unique ability to create your perfect ceremony